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  • Aaron Sterritt

Bedside tables with a difference!

Every year i try to make at least one piece for our home. And i always try and use the opportunity to experiment a bit. These bedside tables are made from Burr Elm, Cleft Oak and Ash all from Logie Estate. I have had the idea of creating a column of cleft oak within a table for a while, and hopefully one day i will get the chance to do this on a bigger scale within a dining table.

The idea of incorporating a lamp into the table came about as i was making it. There was a gap between the two pieces of cleft Oak and it just made sense to put a lamp in, and it's nice to have a lamp you can't knock over!!! Plus i made it so it swivel's and makes a satisfying wooden mechanical noise.

Lot's of care is taken when finishing to keep the cleft Oak raw and bare. This is not everyones cup of tea, but over time i have come to love the the texture and appearance of bare cleft wood, all the fibres stay intact making it far more tactile.

Barrow of Cleft Ash to choose from!

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