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Lives and works in Scotland within the Cairngorms National Park.
Aaron Sterritt Woodwork creates contemporary pieces that are inspired by the natural characteristics of the wood in which he works. 

It takes creative imagination to visualise a tree

transformed into a stunning individual piece of art, sculpture or

furniture. That is what Aaron Sterritt does on a daily basis.


Aaron’s creativity and relationship with wood is in his DNA. Raised in

log cabin in the heart of the Scottish Highlands – Aaron was born to work with wood.


Aaron’s understanding of wood and how he stamps his personality

on it is totally focused on shaping and crafting wood in a natural

way. Splitting the wood along the cells of the grain, keeping the

strength of the timber intact, creating beautiful natural shapes.


Aaron’s skill is then to take the split wood and form it into a piece

of furniture or sculpture that are one off creations. This is done by

the axe; shave horse, drawknife and spoke shave tools.


The end result is a combination of creativity, a deep understanding

of wood and the craftsmanship skills to create truly beautiful

functional and decorative items.


"As a greenwoodworker I source and often fell and process the trees myself so my hand is in the process from tree to final piece. I take great satisfaction in turning these trees into useful, valuable timber to be crafted into furniture and sculpture."


"My work is created through persistent experimentation. I have built up a vocabulary of different techniques in which to shape, mark and colour the wood creating form and texture."


"Inspiration often comes directly through the working process. Ideas are stumbled upon when sawing the wood or splitting along the grain using handtools."


"At the core of all my work is a relationship between man and the material I work with. I like to combine and highlight the differences between nature, humanhand and machine."


Aaron Sterritt






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