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  • Aaron Sterritt

A celebration of scottish hardwoods

I recently finished this Cot Bed for the new arrival due end of feb! It is made from 5 species of hardwood - Elm, Oak, Beech, Sycamore and Ash. I started the project with no real idea of a design or what it was going to look like, it evolved as i went. But after a bit of research i had a few starting points:

It needed to fit a 140 x 70cm mattress.

The spaces between the side rungs for safety had to be between 40 - 60mm

The whole thing had to come apart and flat pack

The bed base needed to be able to adjust to 3 set heights

After lots of starring at planks trying to decide which timber to use i realised i didn't have enough of one species in stock. So i had no choice but to combine a few to make up the ends.

I thought it would be best to keep the method of adjusting the bed base a simple as possible, and came up with this Oak peg idea. They protrude through enough for the base to rest on them and to adjust you simply lift one end at a time and move the pegs to the required height.

The Split Oak ladder effect in the middle is something i've being using in wall hanging sculptural pieces for a while and have been looking for the opportunity to apply it in a piece of furniture for years. The split oak is left bare and rough on the outside but is inset for practical reasons and planed smooth on the inside showing off a varity of beautiful tones and grain.

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